Meet our Digital Lead

by Mankind

Meet Nathan.

He's our Digital Lead here at Mankind. To give you an idea of what he does and what he's all about we sat down and had a little chat...

In your words what do you do at Mankind?

I’m here to make sure the work we put out is the best it can be, I work closely with studio on digital campaigns, apps & web development.

What's your favourite project you've personally worked on?

Vibrant Frog have been amazing to work with, a great company with huge passion!

What's your anthem?

It has to be The Darkness – I Believe in a Thing Called Love, it’s great to smash those high notes in karaoke.

What piece of tech can you not live without?

A little bit boring but it has to be my PC, without it I wouldn’t be able to work or play! More specifically It has a really nice graphics card!

City Break or Beach Holiday?

Easy, City Break every time! Who want’s the threat of Sharks and itchy sand, when you can be chilling in a metropolis with everything you can ever want within walking distance.

What do you love most about working at Mankind?

It’s a great environment with a really cool office space and the variety of work makes every day exciting!

Are you a Starter or Dessert man?

I Like my food like I like my haters, Salty. It has to be a starter, in fact probably starters over main course.

What's your favourite movie moment?

I love a good twist and a hefty dose of weird in my movies, so the reveal in Fight Club has to be one of my favourites.