Social Media Marketing

#thumbstoppingcontent is what we do, so leave the posting, poking, liking, following, sharing and swiping to us.
Social media can be an inexpensive but incredible effective way to reach your audience. Our team of social media marketing experts will work with you to create targeted marketing coms built with social media interaction in mind to relate to your audience with great effect.
Social Media Marketing Website

Quality Content

It’s not just about posting stuff. Our strategists can create a content plan so that your brand had a library of enticing material, from photos to video and text that are relevant to your brands personality.

Understand the audience

Understanding what works well in the social media market is also important. Editing and re-purposing photography or video to suit the social media channels will boost your posts changes of stopping the thumb swipe and capturing your audience.

Eye-Catching Video Content

Understanding how to maximise the short window in which to grab users attention, plus the use of titles on video where audio isn’t available are just a couple of the key tactics our team utilises to boost your brands effectiveness on social.

Viral Video Content