Web Design

Bespoke or templated with beauty and functionality at its core.
A website isn’t just a hub of information, it should be built with user intelligence in mind. As we learn more about consumers, we know how quickly they will leave a site if it’s at all lacking or confusing. At Mankind we build sites with clear functionality to make navigation of any site simple and enjoyable.
Web Design


Understanding how to display lengthy information, imagery or products online is a skill our digital designers have learned over years of building sites for a variety of clients. As each client has different requirement for their website, some portfolio, others informative and some e-commerce, it’s essential the digital design is effective and relevant to the sites purpose. With clever design tricks we can bring structure and interest to lengthy information helping the user to find what they are looking for quickly and digest information better.

Responsive web design

Understanding how images can be optimised for desktop and mobile will save on website loading times and avoid traffic to your site clicking off impatiently before they see what you have to offer. No matter how ambitious, from built-in interactive gameplay to bespoke layouts and animations, our team of developers can custom make sites to any specification.

Websites made for mobile.

It’s the age of the mobile, regardless of business or audience, in todays market there is never an excuse for not having a mobile version of your site. And we’re not talking about one of those desktop sites that simply doesn’t adjust to mobile, with tiny buttons and images that load funny.

Boombastic Website

UX Driven Mobile First Design

When Mankind builds a site, it is made with mobile in mind from the beginning. This ensures that no matter what the screen size or browser window, our customers sites are flexible and effective to suit the relevant display. This always involves re-ordering of lengthy information, re-designing navigation and creating new visual layouts to work with the scrolling thumb motion of mobile.

Responsive Website Design

SEO for Online visibility

It’s all well and good having a site that looks good and operates well, but if nobody is around to see it, it’s all for nothing. Our team build our sites with search friendliness in mind so you will have the competitive advantage before your site is even launched.